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Solar plants

Solar plants

Solar plants are more flexible and environmentally friendly power generation plants, which produce electricity with great profitability, conserving natural resources, from 5 kw to cover the need of your project.

They allow to generate electricity in places where it is not possible or it is very expensive to carry a conventional electrical network.



  • Solar panels The panels are a set of solar cells, responsible for capturing the sun's radiation and converting it into electrical energy.
  • Controller Controls the amount of electrical energy that comes from the panels to the plant, preventing it from being overloaded by excess solar radiation.
  • Inverter An inverter is simply a device that converts the electrical energy of solar panels (direct DC) into a type of energy that we can use. (AC alternating)
  • Batteries They store electrical energy when the source, which is the sun, is not available.


Our engineers have many years of experience and can design any solar plant for the application you need. Our solar systems are designed to reliably feed the most critical loads of our customers.


We assemble, wire and test all the necessary parts to run your solar system. Our designers are professionals in the construction of flexible systems that can be expanded if your energy needs change in the future.


In addition, our design professionals can help you create a solution tailored to your budget and requirements, which keeps it running throughout the year.


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  • Buildings
  • Wineries
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Colleges, universities
  • Housing developments, common areas, houses, farms
  • Parks
  • Stadiums, sports centers
  • Industries