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Our company offers consulting services, basic and detailed engineering, financing, supply, configuration, installation and after-sales service Networking projects, renewable energy and data analytics.

Data network engineering

We advise you in all the stages necessary to complete your project

Conceptual Engineering: We give shape to your idea and the functionality required to establish a model of your network.

Basic Engineering: With these documents you can start the development and purchases of the main equipment.

Detailed Engineering: The small details and the plans approved for execution avoid losses of time and save installation costs.

Network integration: When all of your branches / departments / areas must be contacted and specific information shared among user groups, good engineering practices and consulting with experts is an obligation to avoid costly errors and complete on time.

Site surveys

The planning and execution of wireless projects for technologies such as WiFi and fiber optic requires field surveys to identify RF noise, the best sites, links, channels with better results and find confirmation directly in the field.

The field results are compared with data from the calculation memory such as antenna type and gain, signal strength, fading margin and other parameters that must finally be modified and adjusted for their actual operation.

A final report will cover the results found and in turn this will be reflected in the basic and detailed engineering documents.

Supply and Installation

We offer solutions for industrial data networks, complying with international norms and standards to operate in harsh and highly available environments: manageable, non-manageable switches, media converters, routers, servers for serial networks

All products include special designs for extreme conditions such as electric, magnetic fields, vibration and elevated temperatures. They are supplied for AC and DC voltages and rack mounting, rails or boxes.

We are authorized distributors for Colombia of GarrettCom, Hirschmann, DCB, ESTeem and Belden.

FAT and SAT tests

These tests are performed to verify that the systems that are received work and that they do so in accordance with the technical specifications established in the development of the engineering.

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) The correct functioning of the system is inspected in the factory according to the predefined protocols. During the test, the hardware and software of the system are reviewed according to a checklist of performance parameters. They are done together with the client to evaluate the functionality of the system.

Site Acceptance Test (SAT) The system is inspected at its final location according to the predefined protocols. The hardware and software are reviewed to ensure a smooth start and verify that the equipment meets your performance requirements.

These tests are carried out jointly with the client.


Through training, we seek to improve knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior of technical and operational personnel of the client.

In the trainings the personnel acquires the necessary tools to exercise their work with knowledge, management and domain of products and systems delivered facilitating the solution of problems and decision making.

Start up

The commissioning is the Start-up process of the equipment and systems in a planned manner. Monitoring and control is transferred to the new system gradually, verifying the results of the operation.

Operators and engineers work in real time evaluating that the previous phases of design and assembly have been executed correctly. It is undoubtedly the critical process, which well done, helps the success of the project.

Post-start support

Accompaniment to the operators of the system to attend any query or emergency on site or remotely.

This collaboration during the first days of real work is of great importance to ensure the proper functioning of the system

After-sales service

Computers and networks require maintenance routines that allow them to fulfill their tasks.

Corrective and preventive maintenance allows your system to work within specifications.

The factory suggestions should be put into practice to avoid damage and falls of networks and plant. Maintenance is the key to success

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More than 15 years of experience

With an excellent service, experience and innovation ANDESwireless offers modern technological solutions in industrial data network projects, renewable energy, monitoring, recording and information analysis.

Network engineering


Site surveys


FAT and SAT test


Supply and installation


Site survey

Field surveys to identify RF noise, the best sites, links, channels with better results and find confirmation directly in the field.


Our Team

Camilo Lopez

Camilo Lopez

General Manager

Customer support, coordination with international suppliers, meetings with clients, preparation of tenders and offers.

Damián Tristancho

Damián Tristancho

Support Engineer

Customer support, coordination and execution of field work, generation of reports, preparation of quotes and purchase orders.

Liliana Arango

Liliana Arango

System Manager

Support for design, development and testing of software, database administration, ecommerce and digital marketing.

Sandra Valero

Sandra Valero

Administrative coordinator

Customer support, accounting management, billing, payroll, coordination of import processes and purchase orders.

Leonardo Poveda

Leonardo Poveda

Business development management

Public relations with clients, identification and recommendation of appropriate solutions to solve existing problems, pre-sales support.

Wilson Pedraza

Wilson Pedraza

Business development management

Public relations with clients, identification and recommendation of appropriate solutions to solve existing problems.


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