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Our projects are based on using the data collected by different means and thus perform the storage, analysis, processing, monitoring and control of the information for the decision making of the organizations.

Data Capture

Security and Mobility

Analytics Solutions

Drones & 3D mapping

SCADA Solutions

Smart city

Analytics Solutions

  • Environment

    Biomass estimation, invasive vegetation monitoring, environmental studies, hydrology, topography

  • Agriculture

    Precision agriculture, plant stress, NIR, NDVI, EVI, EVI2, wildlife management, animal counting and tracking

  • Mining

    Control and surveillance in mining operations, quarries or mineral production (volume, weight, limits), inventory management, provisions and auditing

  • SCADA systems

    They allow data collection from remote sites, storage and analysis to obtain real-time information on process variables

  • Infrastructure

    Mapping and monitoring of work progress, planning of cities, roads, roads and real estate, inventory of properties and land

  • Industry

    Mapping and monitoring of oil lines, gas pipelines, towers and power lines, aqueducts among others

  • Risks evaluation

    Flood monitoring, threat and damage assessment, ROW and insurance, flood and fire maps, disaster response, oil spills

  • Security and mobility

    Intersection control to detect traffic jams, vehicle identification, real-time traffic statistics, automatic accident detection

SCADA systems and analytics solutions

Consulting, supply, installation and after-sales services

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