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Medellín smart city

The smart city needs smart citizens

The city of Medellín has the Intelligent Mobility System (Simm), composed of a closed-circuit television, variable message panels, support for the planning of the traffic light network, a central software, an AVL geolocation system, one more of visualization, a web portal and a photodetection system

A pilot mobility project based on the concept of inteligentes smart cities ’was launched, using the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI).

In Medellín, 100 percent electric buses and taxis will start rolling.

All this, looking for the antique capital to become a inteligente smart city ’. However, for the experts, so little technology is of little use if the mobility habits are not changed with 100 percent dependence on the vehicle for various sustainable mobility solutions (electromobility) such as scooters or electric skateboards, motorcycles and cars.

The mayor's office has done an interesting exercise but you have to understand that cultural changes take many years. To achieve this, the groups must be reached and not individually. And those groups can be companies, which have shown a tendency to be more socially responsible.

In 2017, the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Aburrá Valley (Amva), environmental and transport authority, issued a resolution (1379) in which it asks companies with more than 200 employees to implement a sustainable business mobility plan, with the order to reduce emissions by 10 percent every year.

The strategy does not stop there. Once implemented, a follow-up is done and for this the mayor's office proposed to use an app called Appimotion, which allows travel decisions, individual or shared, not only tracing the best route, but also indicating the best option to mobilize and the implications of go by car, such as spending on gas and emissions.

sustainable mobility

The idea is that with this information, employees can accumulate points that ultimately translate into emotional salary or benefits that each company can define.

A five-month pilot plan was carried out, which, with Amva, managed to reduce emissions by 20 percent, "which shows that it is a good option.