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Medellín smart city

The city of Medellín has the Intelligent Mobility System (Simm), composed of a closed-circuit television, variable message panels, support for the planning of the traffic light network, a central software, an AVL geolocation system, one more of visualization, a web portal and a photodetection system

Solar farm Colombia

The firm Celsia built and put into operation last year the first large-scale power generation farm in Colombia with 35,000 solar modules, located in Yumbo. It has an installed capacity of 9.8 MW, which will generate about 16.5 GWh of energy per year.

According to the firm, this is the energy needed for the consumption of 8,000 homes and prevents the emission of 160,000 tons of CO2 for 25 years.

Another project that is under construction is the second solar farm ‘Celsia Solar Bolívar’, which will be operational later this year, in the municipality of Santa Rosa de Lima, with an installed capacity of 8.06 MW.

These facilities will have 32,000 photovoltaic modules and the energy it will generate will prevent the emission of about 141,000 tons of CO2 during the life of the project, which is 25 years. What would be equivalent to planting about 504,000 trees.

The firm has developed solar panel projects in companies, universities, supermarket chains, shopping centers, housing complexes, research centers, hotels and free zones, among others, in the departments of Valle del Cauca, Antioquia, Bolívar, Atlántico, Cundinamarca , Quindío and Valle, among others.

power generation farm

“Today, photovoltaic solar generation has more possibilities for development compared to other renewable energy generation technologies due to its short execution times, its comparatively low installation costs and its lower development impact. Likewise, we consider that unconventional ones, solar energy, and wind energy, contribute to diversify the energy matrix of the organization and the country, ”Celsia sources said.

The generation of clean energy is not a matter of taking lightly and that disciplined planning and execution is needed to carry out any type of project in any of the new renewable energy modalities. What is clear is that the country needs more companies that turn their strategies and businesses towards the preservation of the environment and reduction of pollution in the country and the world

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